Saturday, 16 July 2016

Get Rid of all Pokemon Go Related posts Facebook

With the launch of Pokemon Go, talking about the game and Pokemon became
the new cool on the Facebook. But for some people who are not interested in Pokemon and the Game (one of them is me) may get irritated with such posts on their timeline.

Fortunately there is a chrome extension which remove any posts

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dead slow death of Windows XP in India

As of today it has been more that 2 years when the life support of this incredible OS is pulled off. I agree it was great OS, but its time to move on. Now even the most popular browser Google Chrome has stopped supporting this.
But in India it is still very popular OS and it is recently swapped to 3rd by Windows 10 taking the 2nd spot.
And compare this to worldwide statistics, Windows 10 achieved this in October 2015. It took 7 months more in India, which shows that how Indians are repellent to updates even when they are not paying for it (Believe me most of Windows XP and 7 users are using pirated version).

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bing is showing CBSE 12th result directly into its search result

If you are wondering that where to get your CBSE 12th Results 2016, then do a search on bing for "CBSE 12th Results".
You will be presented a form to get the result by entering your roll number. And also some statistics about the result too.
Bing is trying stuffs like this since ages in hope that someone will use it. Hope these tricks help them to gain some market share.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Prank Your Friend this 1st April with Hacker typer

You must have seen those illogical hacking sequences in hacking movies. Wants to emulate it to prank your non-technical friend.

Just open and start pressing any keys and see the  magic and at the end of the show just press alt key to show "Access Granted" message.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Have a festish for older software? WinWorld is here to help

Ever wanted to try out that how MACs initial version looks like, or how it feels to use Windows 95 in today's era or want to see that how OS/2 looks like or just need a older version of photoshop?

If Yes, then there is a website dedicated for just abandon-wares, WinWorld.

This website has plenty of OSes, applications, games and development tools to download.