Friday, 20 December 2013

Use your PC or Tablet to send SMS through your Android phone with MightyText

Ever got into such situation that you are using PC or your lovely tablet and just then you need to send a text, but your mobile is fairly away from the reach of your hand. 

This situation forces you to overcome your laziness. Also even this is not the situation then also you may not like to type long text messages on your tiny phone's screen.

Remember those days when Nokia's symbian phones allows you to send you text messages through Nokia PC suite on your PC. But today there is hardly anyone using those symbian phones in this Android age.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Orkut is still live at the end of year 2013

2013, the year when many Internet services retired. Google Reader, iGoogle, Winamp and the you even don't remember, Altavista. 

But many will be cursing Google for shutting down Google Reader and iGoogle. And why not, Google shut them even when they are fairly popular and Orkut which is as quiet as graveyard, is still live.

However, it is not that Orkut which used to be heart and soul of internet users.  Most of its part is redirecting to Google+, BUT IF someone want to use it (a very very rare case) can use it.

Why use SnapChat when there are already 100s of Photo Sharing platforms

You may also be thinking like this same as me. And its not surprising. Because the Facebook is so dominant in India that people don't want to try anything else. To be precise,  friend are  not on other platforms to make them interesting.

Okay, Now I should come to the topic. What is difference between facebook and SnapChat. Both can share photos privately, as well as publicly on the news feed. Also facebook has much more features than SnapChat. 

You may be thinking that facebook is winning here. Ofcourse, when it comes to complete social networking, there is no competition to facebook right now. 

"But SnapChat is different from classic social networking "

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Copy by Barracuda (Copy.Com) Review [Android]

Copy is a new entry in cloud service list launched in March 2013. Since it is new it is providing great offers to make buzz. As they are yet to make a mark in this field. Barracuda is known for its security related services and now they are try their hands in this field too.

They are offering 15 GB for new users, and also you can refer your friends to earn 5 GB per user. And to make referral interesting they are also giving 5GB extra to your friends if they SignUp from your link. It means your friend will directly start from 20 GB space. If you too want start directly from 20 GB you can use my referral link given at the end of this post, by using that you will get 5 GB extra as well me which is not a bad deal.

Now lets come to service. I compared it with Dropbox because I found it more similar to it. Available for almost all platforms, like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Windows Phone version is also coming soon.

Here I am reviewing its Android app. The interface of very simple reminds you of Dropbox. There is a Photocopy feature which can be enabled in setting which do exactly what Dropbox's camera upload does. However Dropbox 's camera upload feature never worked for me on 2G connection, it just keeps waiting for faster connection while PhotoCopy worked for me smoothly. UPDATE: Dropbox latest update fixed the issue

You can view photos within the app as well as stream uploaded video with the help of any video streaming application, but this feature doesn't works with flv videos. 

There is also option for PIN lock just like Dropbox, for extra security.
You can share files either privately or publicly.
One good feature is that if you share a file with "edit and sync" right the storage will be shared. Means if you share a 4 GB file to four users, each user will contribute their 1 GB, by this way you can save space while collaborative working.
One very irritating missing feature is that there is no option to make a file offline, means you have too manually download and update your files in your every devices. But I think this feature will come soon.

Web version works fine in my dolphin browser in android. It is also with inbuilt photo and video viewer.

But, as the service is new, everything doesn't works smoothly. Sometimes it freezes and crashes. However they are very quietly developing it with the help of Google+ community "Copy for android - beta channel". Means they could become a big giant in future. 

So my idea is to collect as much space you can right now, use my referral link to get extra 5 GB.
Who knows that in future when they become stable they will reduce space for new users just like and SkyDrive.

Till then you should trust Dropbox for your important files. If you don't have Dropbox account you can SignUp with this link to get 500mb extra.

Drop your views about Copy in the comment box.

COPY.COM referral link :

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Google got rid of of black bar in their Search Page

Today when I opened Google home page (I do it rarely) the black bar which is used to navigate to various Google services was missing. They shifted the Google+ link to right and link to other services is under a drop down button.
However the image search page is still same.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Get Visual Studio PRO, Free of Cost (Student Only)

Yes its free (not pirated) But for Students and Educators only. This is Provided by Microsoft DreamSpark.
You just need to sign up at their website andd verify your academic status. There are various ways to you verify , but if nothing works then you can try manual verification by sending scanned copy of ID card, marksheet etc.
Then after verification you can go to software catalogue on and drownload your product along with the Licence Key.
There are also many Services, just explore out DreamSpark.
Note: Manual verification may take upto 5 working days, So be patient. 

Google's OS Policy [Tech Humour]

This is what I thought after using ChromeOS and Android.
Do you think Google is going wrong in making PC OS?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A game based on Naredra Modi

This is an android game for NaMo fans.
Here you have to make him run through different states to get the PM seat.
Yes you guess right , it is just temple run or subway surfer.
So if you are a Modi fan then download this from the link

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Filter Newsletters From your inbox

Tired of deleting newsletters for which you have subscribed many years ago, or just mistakenly subscribed due to some invisible check boxes?
Also you don't have enough time to unsubscribe those 100s of email one by one. Then the thing you can do is to simply create a filter for them to some another labels or folders or simply block them.
You just need a common word in all such emails to create a filter,

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Stupid adverstisers on facebook, Bad or Funny

Just spotted this advertisement on Facebook, which is claiming to give free recharges.
I have no objection on the text. They can claim anything in advertisements. But every thing should be relevant . Just see the text image with that advertisement. Is that relevant?
Absolutely no. So can I say this most bad online advertisement or you have something more interesting in your collection. If yes then share in comments.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Easily type Hindi in Android devices

google Introduced devnagri font in Android Jelly Bean but still many people Dont know that how to type Hindi on it.
To type Hindi you can use 100s of indic keyboard available on Google Play Store, But best keyboard for Hindi Input is "Google Hindi Input" .
It is best beacause you have to simply type in Roman and it will be converted into Devanagari.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Read PDF without any app even on Non SmartPhone

PDF documents are nightmare on simple multimedia phone.
But with an online app you can read those documents easily. You just need a multimedia phone with as advance browser as Opera Mini .
There you just need to go to and convert your PDF documents to image, page by page which is readable on most of phones.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Now attach Images in your Facebook Comments [New Feature]

Commenting feature in Facebook is one the most popular way for conversation. Some people uses it more than Message feature.
Imagine how it will be when you can attach images to your comments.  I found this feature today . May be , this feature is launched today or implemented into my account today or may be Both.
So if you don't see this option in your account, please do not panic, just wait for it.

Here is the instruction to attach the image into your comment:

Monday, 17 June 2013

Get (New Offer)

When we try to sign-up these famous web-mail services by entering our name as username , they responds with a  heartbreaking message that the username isn't available. Then we add some nasty aliases to complete the signup process.
But the good news is that Yahoo is freeing up its all inactive usernames, So you can give a try if you are luck enough.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to Share Office Word Documents to other Computers without loosing fonts and formatting

In this image you can see that how unavailability of a font can create meaningless words.
This is the case of different scripts. But in case of same scripts, it is possible that the font you was using was slightly narrow or wide and when you see the same documents in other computer and if the font in that computer was of normal size then your either your word will become oversized or your paper, resulting in formatting problems. Then you have to resize all the fonts to adjust if you intended to print that document,otherwise for other users it will be difficult for them to read that. Also if you have used any designer font then too all your designs will be lost.

To Avoid this you need to pack all the fonts used in documents with the document in a zip file which is a tough task. To do this easily

Friday, 7 June 2013

Check if a site is Just down for you or everyone else

Many times we face problem of site being down. And we try to solve the problem.
But to solve we need to that it is just down for me or everyone.
But We don't get any option to check this without asking any friend.

Here is an easy option . Just Go to or  . Then type the the URL and hit enter or click " or just for me?" .The Application will check and inform you.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Skip irritating AdFLY links

If you downloads too much, you must have faced these shortened links by . Its shows you ads with counters and you have to wait.
I personally hate these links cause it consumes my data and much important time. Also I get errors while clicking these links sometimes.

But today was a good day for me because I found a user script to disable these (Skip these counters) .

Friday, 17 May 2013

Attach Files from URL in your Email and Save your Bandwidth

Many times you have to upload file for email attachment which is already online. 
And it is hectic job to download it and then again upload it . Also it wastes lot of your expensive Data.
Here I can help you to save your bandwidth.
You can directly upload attachment from URL.

Sometimes you will think what  is need to upload it as attachment, as you can simply provide the link.
But do you know that in some offices they prefer attachment because they uses Intranet. Also, sometimes you get temporarily generated link, which doesn't lasts too long.

Now , if you feel it is worth to read this please read further.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Know the address associated with your Tata Docomo mobile connection

Update: The address is now restricted to authorized person only , so right now this method will not work. :(

This trick is not that useful. Because most of the time you already know it.
Image Source:
But still this to inform that this information can be obtained. And this too from Tata docomo's official website .

Here I am explaining you step by step:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Activate any Special (VAS) Pack like SMS, Calls, Data packs etc from your Main Balance in Tata Docomo Easily

Many times you go to retailer for recharge of any special packs and they refuse to do it due to low commission.
And also in *141# , there are option for only few of Special Packs (VAS).
Many times you don't know about many special packs and Customer care are not that helpful.
So what to do?

I have an online solution to all these problems. You may be thinking that you will need credit cards, net-banking etc. But don't worry, you wouldn't need these.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Read hindi, punjabi or any complex language websites in any mobile phone

There are many hi-end smart phones which still do not support Hindi fonts.
 If you cannot read this text ( हिंदी ) properly then surely there is problem in reading Hindi in your phone.
In Android there is very complex rooting sooting method for installing Hindi font.

But if you want to just read Hindi websites, I have a simple method.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why I hate delete confirmation Dialog Box but Still afraid to disable it

Every time you delete a file in windows , you will be asked that are you sure to move this file to recycle bin.
Delete Confirmation Dailog box

Some time this is very irritating. Imagine you are
notebook (I mostly use notebook) and by using touch-pad you select few files to delete and accidentally you missed the selection (I am not that comfortable with touch-pad ).
So I disabled this (I will mention how to do this, further). Now I can simply press delete button and file moved to recycle bin. I can do it one by one because just pressing delete button is easier than pressing delete and then selecting yes on the dialog box.
And if any file got deleted accidentally , it is in recycle bin :) .
But there is problem.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Open "Internet Explorer Only" Pages in Chrome or Firefox

Many times you may surfed pages which demands you to open it in IE, which is very hectic job.
Hardly any one likes to use Internet Explorer. The problem is more worse when you are using non-windows OS.
Even if you are using windows OS, you have to open it repeat the same process again to reach that page again (if the page you are looking for is login only). Also you loose all the cryptonian functionality of Chrome and firefox.
Here is an AddOn/Extension for these browser  which can render IE pages in your favorite (chrome or firefox) browser.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop spreading of Virus through USB Flash Drive [Immunize USB]

In my last post I told you about how to delete any file forcibly. But sometimes these methods doesn't works when your computer is already infected and you want to delete any unwanted malware file in USB Drives.
Because even when you delete it, virus in your computer will again create it. And when you plug it in another computer, that computer will also get infected.
The best way to prevent such infection to have a drive with write protecting button. And drive should set to be write protected while using it in a public computer. But what if your drive accidently get infected anyway or your drive don't have a write protect button?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Forcebly Delete any File in Windows

Did you ever faced problem in deleting some files?
I faced this many times and most common error is file is already in use. And unfortunately I am not enough talented to figure out where the hell file is being used . This generally happens if the file is infected by virus or malware. I hate this situation when my antivirus software too refuses to help. But there is a small application which can easily delete such files . I wanted this a lot because there were lot of files which I wanted to delete on my flash drive.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Use Nokia S40 phones even while its Keypad is locked with security code

If you are reading this post, security keypad lock feature of Nokia S40 phones may have been known to you (If not then ask any Nokia phone user).

Nokia 2700 classic But do you know that there is security hole in some of S40 phones (example: 2690 , 2700c, 2730c etc.) when you dial any emergency number (you can dial emergency numbers like 112 and 911 even while keypad is locked ) the key symbol on top right corner of phone's screen disappears means the phone is unlocked (disconnect immediately as you shouldn't disturb emergency numbers). And after disconnecting it notifies you that the keypad is locked