Sunday, 24 February 2013

Use Nokia S40 phones even while its Keypad is locked with security code

If you are reading this post, security keypad lock feature of Nokia S40 phones may have been known to you (If not then ask any Nokia phone user).

Nokia 2700 classic But do you know that there is security hole in some of S40 phones (example: 2690 , 2700c, 2730c etc.) when you dial any emergency number (you can dial emergency numbers like 112 and 911 even while keypad is locked ) the key symbol on top right corner of phone's screen disappears means the phone is unlocked (disconnect immediately as you shouldn't disturb emergency numbers). And after disconnecting it notifies you that the keypad is locked

. But in some Nokia phones (which I mentioned) takes fraction of a second to re-lock keypad which is enough for our use. You can use this time gap to enter the phone's menu and open whatever you want by repeating (dialing) process again and again.
 Note: You have to be damn fast and phone's function should be well known.

For Example, if you want to open inbox. Dial 112 and disconnect in few second (I simply count 1-2-3 and disconnect ), and then immediately press menu key. Menu will open and keypad will be locked again. Repeat (dialing) Process, press same key again (since first selection is default on message so you don't have to navigate using navigation key). Now repeat and press down navigation key (to take selection on inbox) . And finally repeat the process again and press open key.

 I know this process is very tedious , but enough to amaze your friends. Please don't use it for exploring someone's privacy.
 Use it for fun and in situation like one of my friend used it for putting his roommate's phone on silent when the roommate was not there.

I found this trick accidentally while playing with my phone and will credit my friend +Pritam Gupta .

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