Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why I hate delete confirmation Dialog Box but Still afraid to disable it

Every time you delete a file in windows , you will be asked that are you sure to move this file to recycle bin.
Delete Confirmation Dailog box

Some time this is very irritating. Imagine you are
notebook (I mostly use notebook) and by using touch-pad you select few files to delete and accidentally you missed the selection (I am not that comfortable with touch-pad ).
So I disabled this (I will mention how to do this, further). Now I can simply press delete button and file moved to recycle bin. I can do it one by one because just pressing delete button is easier than pressing delete and then selecting yes on the dialog box.
And if any file got deleted accidentally , it is in recycle bin :) .
But there is problem.
When I delete a file from flash drive, it got deleted immediately (no recycle bin). :( . And if it was accidentally deleted  then I have to go through complex processes of recovering file.
This is why I am afraid to do this.
There should be option by which I can only disable the dialog box only when file is going to recycle bin (If you know please share in comment)

However , if you want to take that risk or you do not use flash drive in your PC, here is how to disable it.
It very easy, Right Click on Recycle Bin on Desktop and select Properties. Then uncheck the box saying "Display Delete confirmation dialog" (Shown in figure).

I didn't used windows 8 till now, but this should work here too.

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