Thursday, 14 March 2013

Open "Internet Explorer Only" Pages in Chrome or Firefox

Many times you may surfed pages which demands you to open it in IE, which is very hectic job.
Hardly any one likes to use Internet Explorer. The problem is more worse when you are using non-windows OS.
Even if you are using windows OS, you have to open it repeat the same process again to reach that page again (if the page you are looking for is login only). Also you loose all the cryptonian functionality of Chrome and firefox.
Here is an AddOn/Extension for these browser  which can render IE pages in your favorite (chrome or firefox) browser.
IEtab sits as a button at the corner of your browser and whenever you to open current page in just click on this button. It will render your Page.
I don't know about the mechanism of this extension but this works for me.

For firefox there is new version, "IEtab 2". Since old one stopped working in newer version of firefox.

You can get this by searching in add-on/extension gallery of your browser.
Or Download it from .
Here is an interesting list  by toastytech of Sites that make firefox sad.

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