Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop spreading of Virus through USB Flash Drive [Immunize USB]

In my last post I told you about how to delete any file forcibly. But sometimes these methods doesn't works when your computer is already infected and you want to delete any unwanted malware file in USB Drives.
Because even when you delete it, virus in your computer will again create it. And when you plug it in another computer, that computer will also get infected.
The best way to prevent such infection to have a drive with write protecting button. And drive should set to be write protected while using it in a public computer. But what if your drive accidently get infected anyway or your drive don't have a write protect button?
Yesterday I tried a trick with my infected flash drive in my infected laptop. I created a file named autorun.inf thinking that it will prevent virus's autorun.inf file. But it didn't worked virus replaced it file.
I wanted something that can prevent creation of autorun.inf file. Because it is the the thing which viruses use to spread itself via flash drives (if you are advanced computer user, you may be knowing about it).

Finally, I found that thing  . I created a folder (not file) in root of the pendrive named autorun.inf .
then I tried to create any file with that name, it failed :).
So , Now even virus copies itself to my pendrive it couldn't spread into any computer.
And I can easily copy my files carefully (not virus) and can format it any time to remove all malicious things.
I create a folder named in all my MMCs, flash drives.
It is working for me till now, but they will always find a way. lets see how long it works.

Its cons is that you cannot rename or set custom icons to your drives. It is because those things are manged by autrun.inf file and due to that folder OSes too cannot create that file.
But I can give up fancy drive names and icons to protect such infection. Because antivirus are always not helpful for such type of vulnerability.

Alternatively you can use Bitdifender's USB Immunizer, which is more simpler and effective.

So , if you will try it please drop the comments about your experience.

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