Saturday, 2 March 2013

Forcebly Delete any File in Windows

Did you ever faced problem in deleting some files?
I faced this many times and most common error is file is already in use. And unfortunately I am not enough talented to figure out where the hell file is being used . This generally happens if the file is infected by virus or malware. I hate this situation when my antivirus software too refuses to help. But there is a small application which can easily delete such files . I wanted this a lot because there were lot of files which I wanted to delete on my flash drive.

Name of application is FileASSASSIN and this application is by MalwareBytes . You can download the latest version from here or if you want to use mine (portable version) it is here. And it is free for personal use.
Using it is very simple.
You Just have to select file and choose the the relevant options.
If you are confused that how to delete then Choose "Attempt FileASSASSIN's method of file processing" and mark all check boxes. The file should be defiantly deleted. If still you are unable to delete then try "Use delete on Windows reboot functions".

If you are a command prompt  fan then you should know that this application also have command line switches. In the image right side, you can see the list of command line switches.

If you have any confusion, I am here for you. So feel free to comment.

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