Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Read hindi, punjabi or any complex language websites in any mobile phone

There are many hi-end smart phones which still do not support Hindi fonts.
 If you cannot read this text ( हिंदी ) properly then surely there is problem in reading Hindi in your phone.
In Android there is very complex rooting sooting method for installing Hindi font.

But if you want to just read Hindi websites, I have a simple method.

First of all you need a browser called Opera Mini .
It is very famous browser must have been known to you and you can download it form or respective application stores.

After downloading and installing it, type "opera:config" without quotes, http:// and www.

Then Scroll down and select "yes" in the drop down menu for "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts"

Now you can open any website with complex scripts likes Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, etc.

It actually converts texts to bitmap image in opera server, before opening in your phone, so it will surely consume more data.
However it is simpler method and only methods for non-smartphones.

If any question, please drop it in comment box.

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