Friday, 17 May 2013

Attach Files from URL in your Email and Save your Bandwidth

Many times you have to upload file for email attachment which is already online. 
And it is hectic job to download it and then again upload it . Also it wastes lot of your expensive Data.
Here I can help you to save your bandwidth.
You can directly upload attachment from URL.

Sometimes you will think what  is need to upload it as attachment, as you can simply provide the link.
But do you know that in some offices they prefer attachment because they uses Intranet. Also, sometimes you get temporarily generated link, which doesn't lasts too long.

Now , if you feel it is worth to read this please read further.Most easiest way is by Using UC Browser on your Phone. 
UC Browser provides cloud downloading service by which you can download any files Up-to 6 GB (But Email providers generally support 20mb) to UC Cloud. 
When you select to download any file you get 2 options one Save and Cloud Download (Also Offline Download).

The Process is download any file to cloud then while uploading you too get option to upload from cloud. So you can upload it to email attachment or anything.

Another method is For PC
If you don't use mobile internet, then here is another way for you. But this method has limited scope.
It is by using sideCLOUDload .
Using it is very simple. Just go to and enter the URL of file in respective field (25 MB Limit) . Select Email in Cloud service.
then the email address in next filed (I suggest you to first enter your own email address and then forward it to the destination from your webmail  mail service.)
 Enter File name if you want custom file name and Captcha and then submit.

However you can also use this service to upload to Dropbox.

So try these to save your bandwidth and drop comment if you have any confusion. 

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