Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Skip irritating AdFLY links

If you downloads too much, you must have faced these shortened links by . Its shows you ads with counters and you have to wait.
I personally hate these links cause it consumes my data and much important time. Also I get errors while clicking these links sometimes.

But today was a good day for me because I found a user script to disable these (Skip these counters) .
To install this script you need firefox, chrome, safari or opera browser.

If you are using Firefox
For Chrome
If you are using Opera then you have to go through slightly longer process:
  • Create a folder any where in your computer.for example C:\userscripts
  • Copy (right click and save file) this script file there.then rename it's from 118033.user.js to 118033.js
  • Open opera. Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced>content>javascript options>select the folder created in step-1. Click "OK" and exit preference window.
For Safari

So you have completed installation. Now to test it click this link , if you are directed to our homepage then your setup is successful.
Feel free to drop comments if you have any question. :)

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