Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to Share Office Word Documents to other Computers without loosing fonts and formatting

In this image you can see that how unavailability of a font can create meaningless words.
This is the case of different scripts. But in case of same scripts, it is possible that the font you was using was slightly narrow or wide and when you see the same documents in other computer and if the font in that computer was of normal size then your either your word will become oversized or your paper, resulting in formatting problems. Then you have to resize all the fonts to adjust if you intended to print that document,otherwise for other users it will be difficult for them to read that. Also if you have used any designer font then too all your designs will be lost.

To Avoid this you need to pack all the fonts used in documents with the document in a zip file which is a tough task. To do this easily
You can convert those file into PDF. PDF files can carry fonts used with it , so it is the easiest way. Also No chance of loosing formatting. And no need to install office suite to read that file, Just a PDF reader can do that work.
Procedure :
To convert any document into PDF, I use software DoPDF . It is a virtual printer which creates PDF files instead of printing. You can download it from here.

After Installing DoPDF , open your document . Go to print menu and select DoPDF Printer.You can go to preference option to set paper size. Then finally you can choose to print. Then the following menu will appear.
Make sure that the check box "Embed Fonts" is checked and then click "OK". Your file will will be created. Now you can easily share this file with anyone without worrying about fonts and formatting.

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