Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Copy by Barracuda (Copy.Com) Review [Android]

Copy is a new entry in cloud service list launched in March 2013. Since it is new it is providing great offers to make buzz. As they are yet to make a mark in this field. Barracuda is known for its security related services and now they are try their hands in this field too.

They are offering 15 GB for new users, and also you can refer your friends to earn 5 GB per user. And to make referral interesting they are also giving 5GB extra to your friends if they SignUp from your link. It means your friend will directly start from 20 GB space. If you too want start directly from 20 GB you can use my referral link given at the end of this post, by using that you will get 5 GB extra as well me which is not a bad deal.

Now lets come to service. I compared it with Dropbox because I found it more similar to it. Available for almost all platforms, like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Windows Phone version is also coming soon.

Here I am reviewing its Android app. The interface of very simple reminds you of Dropbox. There is a Photocopy feature which can be enabled in setting which do exactly what Dropbox's camera upload does. However Dropbox 's camera upload feature never worked for me on 2G connection, it just keeps waiting for faster connection while PhotoCopy worked for me smoothly. UPDATE: Dropbox latest update fixed the issue

You can view photos within the app as well as stream uploaded video with the help of any video streaming application, but this feature doesn't works with flv videos. 

There is also option for PIN lock just like Dropbox, for extra security.
You can share files either privately or publicly.
One good feature is that if you share a file with "edit and sync" right the storage will be shared. Means if you share a 4 GB file to four users, each user will contribute their 1 GB, by this way you can save space while collaborative working.
One very irritating missing feature is that there is no option to make a file offline, means you have too manually download and update your files in your every devices. But I think this feature will come soon.

Web version works fine in my dolphin browser in android. It is also with inbuilt photo and video viewer.

But, as the service is new, everything doesn't works smoothly. Sometimes it freezes and crashes. However they are very quietly developing it with the help of Google+ community "Copy for android - beta channel". Means they could become a big giant in future. 

So my idea is to collect as much space you can right now, use my referral link to get extra 5 GB.
Who knows that in future when they become stable they will reduce space for new users just like and SkyDrive.

Till then you should trust Dropbox for your important files. If you don't have Dropbox account you can SignUp with this link to get 500mb extra.

Drop your views about Copy in the comment box.

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