Sunday, 15 December 2013

Orkut is still live at the end of year 2013

2013, the year when many Internet services retired. Google Reader, iGoogle, Winamp and the you even don't remember, Altavista. 

But many will be cursing Google for shutting down Google Reader and iGoogle. And why not, Google shut them even when they are fairly popular and Orkut which is as quiet as graveyard, is still live.

However, it is not that Orkut which used to be heart and soul of internet users.  Most of its part is redirecting to Google+, BUT IF someone want to use it (a very very rare case) can use it.

Google should have totally shutdown it and give users option to migrate to Google+ with a deadline. Or maybe Google is looking for some crap buyers to sell it (this sentence is joke :-P)
What's your view on this? Why do you think that Orkut is still live?

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