Friday, 20 December 2013

Use your PC or Tablet to send SMS through your Android phone with MightyText

Ever got into such situation that you are using PC or your lovely tablet and just then you need to send a text, but your mobile is fairly away from the reach of your hand. 

This situation forces you to overcome your laziness. Also even this is not the situation then also you may not like to type long text messages on your tiny phone's screen.

Remember those days when Nokia's symbian phones allows you to send you text messages through Nokia PC suite on your PC. But today there is hardly anyone using those symbian phones in this Android age.

But don't worry MythText is the solution for you. It syncs all your text message between all your devices. 
  First of all on your Android phone you have to download  this.
And if you want to use it on your PC then download the PC app here or if you want to use your tablet then download this app.
Complete the setup and you are done. Enjoy texting :-)

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