Sunday, 15 December 2013

Why use SnapChat when there are already 100s of Photo Sharing platforms

You may also be thinking like this same as me. And its not surprising. Because the Facebook is so dominant in India that people don't want to try anything else. To be precise,  friend are  not on other platforms to make them interesting.

Okay, Now I should come to the topic. What is difference between facebook and SnapChat. Both can share photos privately, as well as publicly on the news feed. Also facebook has much more features than SnapChat. 

You may be thinking that facebook is winning here. Ofcourse, when it comes to complete social networking, there is no competition to facebook right now. 

"But SnapChat is different from classic social networking "

In classical one thing you miss is convenient privacy options. 
Suppose you want to so one nasty photo of you to someone but don't want them to keep those photo. This is just like showing a glimpse of a photo to your friend and pulling it back to your pocket. This thing is not possible in classical social networking.
But SnapChat makes it very easy.

"Snap, select friend(s) & Send"

SnapChat android application is very simple you just have to snap a photo and select your friend(s) to send with an expiration time which could be 1 to 10 seconds. After expiration receiver cannot see it. However if receiver manages to take screenshot then they can keep it, but it is very tough because receiver have to hold the view button in order to keep viewing the photo. So if you set less time then it is almost impossible to take screen shot.
Also you can publish photo to timeline for all your friends by sending your photo to my story. There people can see photo for unlimited number of time but these photos are also automatically deleted in 24 hours.
Use your regular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+,  Instagram, Flickr normally. And use SnapChat to share photos (snaps) which you don't want to encounter in future.

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