Sunday, 17 March 2013

Why I hate delete confirmation Dialog Box but Still afraid to disable it

Every time you delete a file in windows , you will be asked that are you sure to move this file to recycle bin.
Delete Confirmation Dailog box

Some time this is very irritating. Imagine you are
notebook (I mostly use notebook) and by using touch-pad you select few files to delete and accidentally you missed the selection (I am not that comfortable with touch-pad ).
So I disabled this (I will mention how to do this, further). Now I can simply press delete button and file moved to recycle bin. I can do it one by one because just pressing delete button is easier than pressing delete and then selecting yes on the dialog box.
And if any file got deleted accidentally , it is in recycle bin :) .
But there is problem.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Open "Internet Explorer Only" Pages in Chrome or Firefox

Many times you may surfed pages which demands you to open it in IE, which is very hectic job.
Hardly any one likes to use Internet Explorer. The problem is more worse when you are using non-windows OS.
Even if you are using windows OS, you have to open it repeat the same process again to reach that page again (if the page you are looking for is login only). Also you loose all the cryptonian functionality of Chrome and firefox.
Here is an AddOn/Extension for these browser  which can render IE pages in your favorite (chrome or firefox) browser.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop spreading of Virus through USB Flash Drive [Immunize USB]

In my last post I told you about how to delete any file forcibly. But sometimes these methods doesn't works when your computer is already infected and you want to delete any unwanted malware file in USB Drives.
Because even when you delete it, virus in your computer will again create it. And when you plug it in another computer, that computer will also get infected.
The best way to prevent such infection to have a drive with write protecting button. And drive should set to be write protected while using it in a public computer. But what if your drive accidently get infected anyway or your drive don't have a write protect button?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Forcebly Delete any File in Windows

Did you ever faced problem in deleting some files?
I faced this many times and most common error is file is already in use. And unfortunately I am not enough talented to figure out where the hell file is being used . This generally happens if the file is infected by virus or malware. I hate this situation when my antivirus software too refuses to help. But there is a small application which can easily delete such files . I wanted this a lot because there were lot of files which I wanted to delete on my flash drive.