Thursday, 6 February 2014

Intresting tweets from India on Satya Nadella being appointed as CEO of Microsoft

It is nothing new now that Satya is CEO of Microsoft and of Indian origin.
Mean while Indian posted some funny and thought provoking tweets. I am quoting some of my favorite tweets here.

"@rameshsrivats: Congratulations Satya Nadella on becoming CEO of Microsoft. First Indian to play an important role in that company since M.S. Das."

"@VanDiablo: Satya Nadella is still trying to watch his Facebook movie on Internet Explorer."

"@IndiaFinger: Last 24 hours must ve been very awful for Satya Nadella. Not easy to surf the web with Internet Explorer ya.."

"@TheBigDowg: Who are we?
Who are we proud of?
Who is he?
Do we use original Microsoft products?

"@doctoratlarge: Satya Nadella is from Manipal institute of Technology. This is the biggest blow to the IITs since Chetan Bhagat's first novel was published"

"@fakingnews: BREAKING: Hundreds of teachers claiming to have taught Satya Nadella demand media attention"

"@WatDaDuck_: I believe Satya Nadella as well was never rich enough to afford Dr Batra's hair growth sessions."

"@IndiaSpeaksPR: Horrified IITians demand tht Manipal Institute of Technology be converted into IIT immediately after finding out Satya Nadella studied there"

"@TheJaggi: I argue that the Indian system is incapable of creating Satya Nadellas."

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