Thursday, 20 February 2014

Microsoft re-branded SkyDrive as OneDrive with free referral bonus

Today Microsoft unveiled it OneDrive which is re-branded version of SkyDrive. Microsoft was forced to rename due to a lawsuit by BSB Sky.
When you open OneDrive page you will have to sign in with your Microsoft account (nothing new).
The UI is also same and all your skydrive file exists there.
The New thing is that now you can add bonus storage like Dropbox for reffrals and for using some features.

 You can refer upto 10 friends to earn permanent 5 GB extra (0.5 GB Per friend). And in return your friend will also get 0.5 GB extra for signing up from your referral link. For example if you signup with this link (My Referral link) , you will get 7.5 GB in your new account instead of 7GB.

Another way to earn more storage is to activate CameraRoll upload on your mobile device and for this you will earn 3GB. Earlier you can use Cameraroll  upload feature on Windows Phone and iOS only, but now new Android onedrive app also implemented this feature.

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone user still have to use their SkyDrive app (it will work) until the new update arrives.

Also for lucky existing Skydrive user, Microsoft has sent 20GB for 1 year bonus coupons. I too have got one for me and one for a friend. For yours Check your email.

Give your views about new OneDrive.

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