Saturday, 1 February 2014

Telegram, the only true Alternative to WhatsApp

There are lot of messaging platform like BBM, Kik, Hike, WeChat but nothing could be called true Alternative for WhatsApp.
It is because they are not as simple as WhatsApp. In whatsapp there is no username, password, adding contacts and other stuffs. It is just install and use and nothing more.
Here comes Telegram asanother alternative just like whatsapp with the all the simplicity. Infact you call it copy of WhatsApp with some extra features. 

The extra facilities it offers are encryption, cloud based, unlimited data sharing, secret messages with self destruction and all this is totally free unlike whatsapp which charges 55Rs per year.
According to them they will depend on donations and some paid non essential extra features.
But where whatsapp wins is availability across 6 platforms, whereas Telegram is officially available only for iOS and Android.
However if you are a developer you can create third party apps as their API is open to everyone
Telegram will also keep running a competition to invade their security with huge amount of prize.
Although you should always know that it's internet ;-).
But anyhow it is more secure than whatsapp because they don't offer encryption.
For more details you can visit their official website
Happy Messaging

Update: 24/02/2014
Since now Whatsapp is sold to facebook, there is probability of change in privacy policy so more and more people may join telegram.

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