Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Orkut is shutting down, gains attention on twitterverse

In December, 2013 I wrote a post that Orkut was alive while Reader was abandoned.
But finally Google has announced shutting down of Orkut after 3 years of launching Google+.

The way Google is integrating Google+ in its every service indicates that they are very serious about it .
Since I had deleted my Orkut account sometime ago, I cannot use it anymore. Because no more new account is allowed. I am forwarded to this screen.
However old user can still access it till 20th September. After that all undeleted accounts and communities will be archived.

People will feel nostalgic by hardly anyone miss it. This news captured Twitterverse TL for a while after this news is announced.
I am listing Some of my favorite  tweets . enjoy

And a rare one :p

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