Thursday, 3 July 2014

Why Tablets are a Dud in India

Going by the stats Tablet devices are dud in India.

In India tablets are considered as luxurious item. And people are yet to realize its usability.
The possible reasons could be bad marketing or incompetent products in the market.
Also the stats could be wrong because many tablet devices are detected as either mobile phone or full PC by the web stats counters, but I think this should not affect that much.

If we compare the stats (by StatCounter) about tablets in USA in India we will realize the difference.
Tablet Device percentage in India
Tablet Device percentage in USA
As we can see that in India percentage of tablet is merely 1% and in US it is about 9%.

What could be the reason?

  • Here people look for mostly low budget products and when we see the range of low budget tablets and Phone there isn't huge difference between them except the screen size. 
  • If people go for greater budget we can have iPad, or Windows 8 tablets. But then problem here is connectivity . Not much people have access to WiFi networks. And if you go by reviews of  few Windows 8 tablets you will realize that people don't even know that they can connect Internet through a 3G dongle like a low budget android tabs.
  • People don't yet get usability of tablet. They think that they Invest huge amount in which they can  afford a decent netbook running Windows. And you know Windows is synonym of full PC in India. But they don't get that Windows 8 tablet an also do those stuffs. and Android and iPad are also good for Internet browsing.
  • Expensive android tablets like nexus and other premium device don't have tablet dedicated application. Most of android apps are built for Phone which we just run on large size.
  • An at last the stats defect. Most of android tablet with voice calling facility is recognized as phone and Win 8 tabs counted as PC so only they aren't contributing to tablets in stats.

What do you think , what could be the reason?  

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