Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I did when my Friend's Lenovo Notebook failed to boot and OKR didn't helped

My friend wanted to create a bigger partitioin on his Windows 8 laptop whiich Windows Native partitioning tool is unable to do. So I suggested him to use a 3rd party soiftarte. But his bad luck that the PC refused to boot after doing it .

Now the first thing I tried the OKR (One Key Recovery), since there is no important data was present in Windows' drive . 

But there is another shocking news was waiting for us, the OKR key didn't worked . After doing little research on Internet I found that OKR key fails to work if the OEM partition letter is changed.

 Now according to my experience only option left is the Windows 8 disk. But the disk available to me was of 32 bit. And the PC was running with GPT partition so this was out of my luck.

Then I called lenovo support center. But they couldn't help us. They asked us to come to service center.
I don't wanted to go there, So I decide to try something new.

My another freid had a HP laptop running on Windows 8.1 with GPT partition.

So I created a recovery disk on a 4GB flashdrive and used it on Lenovo laptop to repair its boot file. And It worked for me.

And finally the friend got relaxed. :)

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