Saturday, 6 September 2014

Share photos to Facebook and Twitter from "Send To" menu similar to Mac OS

OS X Share menu
Windows' Send to menu
In OS X we can share files and photos to different services like Facebook, Twitter, email etc through right click share menu.
In Windows OS, the equivalent option is is "Send To" present in right click context menu. But the option is very limited there, as you can see in the image at right. There is Share option in Charm Bar but it only works with modern apps.

After doing little research on Internet got to know that "Send to" menu is managed by "Send to" folder which can be opened by entering "shell:sendto" in run dialogue box without quotes.

In this folder you can place shortcuts for Cloud drives, you favorite folder or your favorite application.

I don't know much coding so I combined services (Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter) through IFTTT to achieve my goal.
And of-course it has few limitations like this method can only share photos not videos. But you will be able to click that link even in videos and other files, and this will only consume your data nothing will be uploaded to facebook. Also your post may be delayed by 15 minutes.
So if you are OK with limitation then proceed or if wanna help sort out these limitation please comment

Here I am only explaining about facebook & twitter but you can create on for flickr, instagram or whatever service is supported by IFTTT.

Now follow the steps:

Step 1:If you don't already have Dropbox and IFTTT account then create one from here and here respectively. Then Download & Install Dropbox on your PC.
Step 2: Now on IFTTT activate the recipe for Twitter and/or for Facebook. (Note: While activating Facebook recipe you will have option to choose privacy setting of posts, please choose wisely)

Step 3: Create folder named "Facebook" and "Twitter" in the root of your dropbox folder.
Step 4: Open Run dialogue box (Press Window+R) and type "shell:sendto" without quotes. This will open a folder. In this folder, create shortcut of folder created in Step 3 (Drag and Drop with right click). You can change icons of shortcut by going to properties.

Now its almost done. 

You can give it a test drive. You file name will be added as caption.
And of-course it is not exactly as mac but it does the purpose. 


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