Monday, 15 June 2015

Why admin ownership(Security Tab of folder properties) of a file will not protect it from being accessed on a public computer

If you are geek you must be knowing about ownership of file or folder which is present in "Security" tab in folder properties.
Many people use this to secure some files from non-admin users of the PC. Generally such cases happens on a public computer. 

But let me tell you, its not safe.

all this ownership limitations are valid only in Windows environment. For non-windows all such parameters are worthless.
So if someone somehow manages to boot through a live USB of  a Linux then they will be able to access all those files which is locked.

live disk of elementary OS
So what to do?
First of all use encryption you really want to protect that file. Upgrade from BIOS to UEFI to prevent booting of unauthorized OS. And enable password protection for BIOS menu.

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