Thursday, 6 August 2015

5 things people moving to Windows 10 should try

So many of you are jumping to Windows 10. And you may have started exploring its new features.
But here are some new thing which you may not see initially.
  1. Translucent  command prompt
  2. You can enable transparent cmd by going in properties(right click title bar). This is very helpful for DYIs on Youtube.

  3. Apps designed specially for Windows 10

  4. There are many apps specially designed for Windows 10 like twitter's new app in store and the Mail app provided. You should try these.

  5. Task View (multiple desktop)
  6. Windows users aren't familiar with concept of multiple desktops. You can start trying this to increase productivity. Like you can keep open a Browser on one desktop and Work space folders on other. Then you don't have minimize and maximize every time you switch from one work to another, you just change desktops.

  7. Settings
    Windows 10 introduced the all new settings which includes all simple tweaks enough for average users. But if you prefer Control Panel, its still there.
  9. Uninstall Programs Right from Start Menu
    You can Uninstall program directly from Start Menu.

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