Thursday, 2 April 2015

Install WhatsApp on PC without bluestacks

Here we are not talking about WhatsApp web. This about running WhatsApp independently on PC.

Remember running WhatsApp on bluestacks an android emulator? But be frank that using bluestacks is like washing dishes. Too much loading time and annoying ads.

But now we have an official solution for running android apps on PC .
Google recently launched official ARC Welder for Chrome which can can convert an Android Application to a chrome extension. So basically you can run any android app on chrome, irrespective of  parent platform (it could be Linux, Windows, or Mac).

If you are little tech-savvy, you need not to read the whole article. Just download ARC Welder and do it your self. And others should just continue reading.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How to use Notepad++ AS Java IDE

Generally in schools and colleges IDEs like Netbeans and Eclipse are not provided at initial stage of learning JAVA, because IDEs seems to be complicated for beginners.
Also in IDEs it is easier to identify errors so in exams they asks you to use a text editor and command prompt to compile and run programs.
So to do practice for your exam, ditch your IDE for a while and use this.

  1.  Install JDK and Set Enviroment Variables. (Check if "javac -version" command is working in dos mode)
  2. Download Notepad++ Installer from this page and install it on your PC, if it is not already installed.
  3. Now run Notepad++, and go to the menu option Plugins/Plugin Manager/Show Plugin Manager and install NPPexec Add script by following method