Saturday, 6 February 2016

3 Windows Store apps from which Microsoft should get Inspired.

Windows store has been on PC since Windows 8. But it never really shined truly until Windows 10 when we can use those modern apps in desktop environment easily. But the problem is there is not much app using this platform. And the apps which are on this platform, not much of them are well designed. Even the apps which are Microsoft are not that efficient.

Here are the three store apps from which Microsoft should get inspired;

  1. Files&Folder : Files&Folder lite is free UWA file browser. It fully follows the latest Windows design guidelines. It also supports drag and drop. The best thing is that you can right click on any file and click "Share to " to share the file via your favorite apps. But in Windows official explorer there is a similar menu "Send To" which is filled with legacy options and not much useful for common peoples.
    The surprising thing is that it one of those few UWA apps which supports drag and drop. This is essential for apps like Photos, Groove, Films&TV, etc. but they don't support it
    Get it on Windows 10
  2. VLC for Windows Store: This app is also not that finished but have an edge over Microsoft's own video player "Films&TV". Films&TV don't supports adding external subtitle files but VLC does.
    Also Films & TV don't have any keyboard shortcuts but VLC for Store has one keyboard shortcut (not enough) , a space-bar to pause and play. It is helpful if you don't have multimedia keyboard.
    Get it on Windows 10
  3. Dropbox: Dropbox launched a universal app for Windows and its awesome. However there is a win32 dropbox app but the is not good enough for low memory devices. Through this UWA Dropbox app you keep track of all your file without actually downloading. Onedrive had such app in Windows 8 but now they abandoned it. Also there was a feature in Onedrive, whice is also seems to be abandoned. I hope they will relaunch it.

    Get it on Windows 10

Do you have any good Windows store in mind? Tell me about it in comments.

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