Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Have a festish for older software? WinWorld is here to help

Ever wanted to try out that how MACs initial version looks like, or how it feels to use Windows 95 in today's era or want to see that how OS/2 looks like or just need a older version of photoshop?

If Yes, then there is a website dedicated for just abandon-wares, WinWorld.

This website has plenty of OSes, applications, games and development tools to download.

And right now, I am downloading some these OSes (Windows 95, 98 and OS/2 Warp) to try on my Virtual environment (obviously).

On a serious note, this website is very serious about piracy and hence they have a strict definition of abandon-wares. As they are not providing Windows XP yet, because even being abandoned it has significant market share.

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