Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dead slow death of Windows XP in India

As of today it has been more that 2 years when the life support of this incredible OS is pulled off. I agree it was great OS, but its time to move on. Now even the most popular browser Google Chrome has stopped supporting this.
But in India it is still very popular OS and it is recently swapped to 3rd by Windows 10 taking the 2nd spot.
And compare this to worldwide statistics, Windows 10 achieved this in October 2015. It took 7 months more in India, which shows that how Indians are repellent to updates even when they are not paying for it (Believe me most of Windows XP and 7 users are using pirated version).

Today a went to college for a PowerPoint slides presentation, voila the PC connected to projector was using Windows XP. And spent 15 more minutes to copy my files to that computer because every time I tried copying the file to it, the system decides not read my flash disk.

Also every printout shop uses the windows XP and I always have to format the disk when I come back from them. Because either it is full of viruses or the partition is unreadable.

Computers at these places are not for personal use. They are using it for business purpose. So they should invest in modern and reliable system. Most the educational institute just use window xp because turbo c is not able to run in windows 7, and that's another lame reason of not updating.

Please were arguing that why to update when windows XP when it just works, my friend it doesn't. Until you are fully isolated from the world.

So please upgrade. If you are sort of money then invest time in learning Linux.

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