Thursday, 22 September 2016

Top 3 alternatives to ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer used to be a great file explorer. But now its free version is bloated and unusable. So  search for another free alternative is a necessity. Here is my top 3 favorite File Manager from the Google play Store.

  1. FX Explorer
    This is one of my favorite and used to use on Moto Devices until I flashed CyanogenMod. It has a beautiful material design UI, tabs, all important things at one tap. For root exploration, you need to install its root module. There is pro version of this app, but the free version will work fine for most of the users and it is completely ad free.
    Get it on Google Play
  2. Amaze File Manager
    This app is completely free and open source. It also sports features like multiple tabs, material design, root explorer etc. The only downside of this app is that it is still in beta so you may face some inconsistency. However, when I tried this app everything worked fine.
    Get it on Google Play
  3. Moto File Manager
    This is the most simplistic file manager in the list. It is developed by Motorola Mobility but can be downloaded on any phone. Not everyone needs those large feature set, and for such people,  this app could be perfect
    Get it on Google Play

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