Today fingerprint scanners are on almost every phone. It is very handy to have a fingerprint sensor to unlock your device. By the time you pull out a phone from your pocket to your eyes it is already unlocked. It also prevents snooping of your password or pattern from behind your shoulders or through a security camera.

But one place where it fails to hide your sensitive chats and photos from your sneaky roommates or a nosy family member. They can easily use your finger to unlock your phone while you are asleep or too high.

So how to prevent this?

Simply, by forcing the phone to ask for the PIN when needed. One simple way is to restart your phone before sleeping because after restarting your phone asks for a PIN and will not accept your fingerprint for first unlock.

But it’s not easy to restart your phone every time and resist unlocking it the first time. So there is another way. Lock it through device administrator, i.e use any app which uses device administration right to lock your phone.

One such simple app is Screenlock. You just need to tap it and sleep.

Hope the article helps. Keep your private chats private.