Windows Ink workspace is great addition to Windows 10. Due to this tool, annotating has never been easier.

However, Windows 7 is still rock solid in the marked. Apart from corporate users many personal users are on Windows 7 which include my relatives.

When I use thier PC, only option to achieve the screen sketch is to take screenshot in paint and draw on it using pain. This method is not bad but also doesn’t goes smoothly with my work flow. Mainly because it involes too much clicks

3rd party app to rescue

Epic Pen is an application which puts a toolbar on screen with tools like pen, highlighter and eraser.

Epic Pen in action

only basic difference in workflow is that in Epic Pen, you first draw on screen then take screenshot while in Widows Ink workspace, you first take screenshot then draw on it.

Epic Pen is free for personal use and can be downloaded from offical website.