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Setting up my new blog

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I had my last paper of this semester’s exams just a day before yesterday. If I can speak my mind, this semester has been very boring. Most of the subjects were a just compilation of the subjects I have read in previous semesters which made me lukewarm about studies. I am just hopeful that I’ll get pass marks in all subject.

In course of examination, I stumbled upon my lost forgotten blog on Blogger . It didn’t take much time to realize that the blog is very embarrassing, done like a 10 to 5 job. A personal touch cannot be found on that blog. So, I decided to do a fresh start after examinations and this new blog is my another effort.

What should I focus

I will try to maintain personal content mostly related to my technical experience as the linchpin of this blog, not just a “how to” guide. As my writing skill is not too good, I’ll try to improve it and this should be reflected in my future posts.

Some Technical Changes

Unlike my previous blog, this blog is create using Hugo which is a static website engine built using Go-Lang. Static websites are new cool for blogging and it is very fast and cheap to host as it is independent of any database, runtime or interpreter in deployment. This is also one of the reasons to do the fresh start. For hosting, I have chosen Netlify. It serves me better than alternatives like surge and Github Pages. The source code of this blog is available on Github. You are free to fork, modify or contribute to my blog.

I am optimistic about this new blog and I except regular comments from you to keep me on track.

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