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How to use 'xclip in Gnome Wayland'

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Since mainstream launch of Wayland with Gnome, people are facing problem in using xclip. Mainly because xclip is supposed to work with X11 Clipboard. But fortunately there is an option in xclip to overcome this propblem. Just use xclip -selection c instead of xclip. This option will just emulate the ctrl + shift + c action. For easier use you can setup the alias by adding following line in .bashrc or .…

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Dear CS Freshman, Kali Linux is not what you are thinking

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This post is intended for college Freshmans those who have little or no experience with Linux. If you are an experienced Linux user you may skip the post safely.

What is Linux?

Linux is basically a term to refer all the distributions (or say OS) based on Linux Kernel collectively. some of its notable distributions are Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, your favorite Kali Linux.

Where may you have heard about Kali Linux?

I bet it is your friend or someone elder who said to you that Kali Linux can hack computers. I have seen students being obsessed with this distro without knowing anything about Linux.

Easiest way to become a Hacker

Now hack is a stupid term. Most of the people think that it something by which you can access information without proper permission. No, my friend, the term is much broader.

The hack is defined as “a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something” or in the Indian language, we say Jugaad. …

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